Dog Nutrition Calculator
Dog Nutrition Calculator

Dog Nutrition Calculator

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How to Use the Dog Nutrition Calculator

Want to make sure your dog’s diet is as awesome as they are? Our Dog Nutrition Calculator helps you create a customized meal plan and improves the quality of life for your dog for optimal health! Here’s how:

Step 1: Is Your Dog lazy or playful?

Every dog needs different nutrition depending on how active they are. Does your pup love long hikes, or are they a champion napper? Be honest – this impacts the calories they need!

Step 2: Put Your Dog’s Weight

For the most accurate results, input your dog’s weight in kilograms. This ensures the calculator tailors recommendations precisely to their size.

Important: The Vet Knows Best!

While a calculator is a great start, your veterinarian offers invaluable personalized advice. They understand your dog’s unique needs and can help you choose the very best food for their long-term health.

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